Fisker picks CES for new electric car reveal

fisker Karma


Henrik Fisker’s next electric car act is apparently imminent. The Fisker EMotion will be shown at CES 2018 in January, promising a 400-mile electric range.
Fisker told The Street on Friday that the EMotion’s Las Vegas unveil will also focus on the car’s technology, which is expected to include a new type of battery pack with the ability to charge in nine minutes, comfortably ahead of the 30-minute Tesla Supercharger charge time. Fisker has previously said this would be possible through a proprietary system called “UltraCharger.”
The EMotion promises a nine-minute charge time with Fisker’s own system.

The EMotion is also expected to feature LIDAR that will allow for Level 4 autonomous driving capabilities, though Fisker says it’s still “under development” and therefore unclear if it will launch in 2019 with the rest of the car. Still, the EMotion sounds to be primed to compete with autonomous claims from numerous companies.

It’s Tesla’s line of sedans that Fisker is clearly mirroring, as the first EMotion is expected to offer Model S levels of performance, but with a Model S-like price of $129,000. A less expensive model is in the works, according to The Street, for 2020 and Fisker is clearly aiming for the Model 3 with the goal of a $34,000 starting price.