“I’m passionate about driving technology forward to improve outcomes and quality of life.”

— Jim Plante, Founder

Thynk Capital Leadership

Our Founder

Thynk Capital was founded by world-class technology leader and investor, Jim Plante, who has generated hundreds of millions of dollars for portfolio companies, bringing them to preeminent positions in their respective industries both in terms of value and best-of-breed quality offerings.

Mr. Plante earned a degree in Electrical Engineering from Southern Illinois University. Since then he has acquired over 25 years’ experience as a successful technology entrepreneur and investor, primarily in the technology and biotech industries.

Technological entrepreneurialism has the greatest impact on quality of life, empowers our future, and has produced the most significant business value growth in our history.

At the age of 30, Jim Plante led the acquisition of Beltronics, which is now the leading provider of high performance millimeter wave radar safety systems worldwide, with over 40 million units produced and distributed globally. As President of Beltronics, he led a turnaround effort that launched an innovative new product line, returning the company to profitability within one year. The company was later sold with more than a 1200% return to investors.

As Co-Founder and CEO of E-Band Communications, Mr. Plante launched the industry’s first multi-gigabit capacity 70/80GHz band communications links for fiber optic replacement and mobile wireless infrastructure. That product went on to achieve #1 global market share drive and increased investor share value by over 8,000%.

In 2004, Jim Plante founded and served as the CEO of SmartDrive Systems. SmartDrive’s groundbreaking SAAS commercial vehicle safety program uses an integrated video, audio, GPS and sensor based platform to monitor a driver and vehicle in real time, as well as capture and coach unsafe driving habits, reducing the risk of accidents. To date, the system has prevented 8,000 deaths and injuries, 30,000+ accidents and eliminated $100s of millions in losses. Under his leadership, the company grew to over 400 employees and investor share value increased by over 12,000%.

Jim Plante is the Founder and CEO of Pathway Genomics, as well as chairman of the company’s Board of Directors. Mr. Plante’s hard work and vision led to the creation of state of the art, advanced genetic testing and continues to drive innovation today. Through Mr. Plante and his team’s efforts, actionable genetic information can be accessed by people across the globe – positively affecting the health and wellness of individuals worldwide through prevention and personalized treatments. Mr. Plante’s motivation to start Pathway Genomics began over 30 years ago when he learned his father had a genetic disorder called Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). Unfortunately at that time testing for this disease was not common, and his father’s PKD was not discovered in time to delay kidney failure. Despite a successful kidney transplant, he later died of cancer. Later on, when Mr. Plante found out that he too had PKD and would need a kidney transplant, he resolved to make affordable genetic testing broadly available to everyone. His mission was to ensure that people would have access to lifesaving information about known genetic disorders they may be suffering from or could pass along to their children.

Under his leadership, Pathway Genomics has established a CAP and CLIA accredited laboratory with the broadest portfolio of genetic tests in the industry. Pathway diagnostics can scan a patient’s genomes to detect cancer, inherited genetic risk for heart disease, obesity and diabetes, as well as how a patient may react to dozens of commonly prescribed medications.

Jim Plante holds 50+ biotechnical and technology patents. He is also the founder of the Foundation for Kidney Transplant Research a 501c3. He was appointed as an International Trade Advisory Committee Member by the US Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration.

Mr. Plante continues his commitment to innovation in the healthcare field through Pathway and Thynk Capital where his success as a private investor in technology, biotech and healthcare companies has increased the value of his portfolio by over 2000%.

Thynk Capital recently expanded interests into active lifestyle markets via investment in an innovative new water sport technology company, FlyDive, Inc. The company is a privately held enterprise in San Diego, CA, accelerating toward a leadership position in the fastest-growing recreational water sport, hydroflight. A hydroflight board is connected to a jet ski (personal watercraft) by a high-pressure water hose and empowers riders to hover above the water. FlyDive’s flagship product, the X-Board™, is engineered with proprietary patent-pending technology called DRS Tech™ which makes it the easiest-to-fly hydroflight board in the world, enabling even first-time beginners to confidently fly above the water in less than 5 minutes. The X-Board is sold through a growing network of personal watercraft dealers, and featured at an increasing list of water sports rental operators in the U.S. and internationally. FlyDive recently acquired an industry-encompassing I.P. portfolio, fortifying its established hydroflight technology and product excellence with a clear innovation runway into the future.

Investment Philosophy

Thynk Capital, founded by Jim Plante, is focused on early-stage Therapeutics, Healthcare and Technology companies. We tend to invest early in capital efficient companies, generating momentum with critical resources which further product development, clinical trials and regulatory approvals. In therapeutics, we typically invest when drug candidates are in the pre-clinical or early clinical phase, but on occasion, we have partnered in drug discovery.

Our investment strategy has a strong focus in opportunities that have the potential of becoming an innovative break thru, a modern replacement or a complement to existing products on the market. We pursue opportunities which present unmet needs in commercially attractive markets, and we produce products which are likely to receive attractive reimbursement and pricing structures, once regulatory approval is achieved.

We have a preference for companies targeting widespread diseases which are either unchecked, or already being addressed ineffectively by established medical treatment. We’re firm believers that when developing a successful company, the key factor is the quality of the management team. Less experienced management teams with savvy and potential must be open to change if needed to accelerate the company. We are committed to working hands-on with our portfolio companies to accomplish objectives and build value. In most cases, Thynk Capital works closely with the management team and the board members to develop the company.