Empowering visionary technology companies.

Our Mission

At Thynk Capital, our aspiration is to empower early stage technology and life sciences companies to help save or extend human lives and increase quality of life. We align with relentless innovators who address widespread problems and create game changing solutions in large industries.

We engage the brightest minds and build companies that propel technology and critical discoveries in life sciences forward. Our continual commitment to excellence and sage mentorship will transform our mission of healthier lifestyles and longevity into a thriving reality.

Building landmark solutions, companies, and results.

A Future of Strength

The world is looking for a technology-driven future with leadership brands generating solid products and service solutions. Thynk Capital is at the forefront of this trend in accelerating cutting-edge technology, and through our portfolio companies we are building a platform of innovation into the future.

Thynk Capital provides early stage companies with growth capital and critical value-added resources to help optimize performance and increase enterprise value, while seeking to provide above market returns to our limited partners.

We work collaboratively with our portfolio companies to increase operational efficiencies, strengthen and empower management teams, and build strategic roadmaps for healthy growth and impactful offerings to large markets.

We continually participate in shaping the technology horizon through involvement in industry organizations, regulatory initiatives and contributions to advanced research studies.